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The Church of Euthanasia


There's no such thing as Heaven.

Tears sobbed out in vain,
And cries for help gone unheard...
That is the story of my life.

Abandoned by all I love,
Betarayed by all I trust
I wander through this life,
Searching for the tiniest bit of fulfillment,
But of course I have no luck,
Because nothing's there to be found.

There's no such thing as heaven,
Nirvana's just a dream,
Enlightenment's a fantasy,
On which I've been to keen.

Life is sorrow,
Hope is useless,
Dreams are only flowers that will be trampled underfoot.

There's no such thing as heaven,
Nirvana's just a dream,
Enlightenment's a fantasy,
On which I've been to keen.

No use in reaching out for help,
There's nothing to grab on to.
It's only flailing in the dark...

The river of madness
Flows free through the streets;
You can smell the stench of frenzy
In the sweltering heat.

The blood on my lips
Leave stains on your skin;
And the tears on my cheeks
Tell the tale of your sin.

I feel my hear race
At the thought of your touch
But I find myself asking
If the price is too much.

Is the thrill of your kiss
Worth the price of my soul;
Will I fail once again
Or arrive at my goal?

The wind blows so chill
On those cold winter nights;
And I'm thinking of you
As I turn out the lights.

Bless me with a kiss
Please, grant me your hand;
Just say the word
And I'll be your man

I lost my soul
Today, she fled
She broke my heart, she left my bed
Now I'm lost and all alone
Since my most precious love is dead.

I lost my soul
My heart has died
I knashed my teeth, I wailed, I cried
Now I can't even stand myself
For when she left she broke my pride.

What do you do when you have a broken heart?
What do you do when everything reminds you of the one you love?
How do to carry on when you know you'll always love her.
How to go on living when you so badly need her touch.

I want to be the one you turn to,
The one that picks you up when you're down.
I want to be the one you cling to,
The one that makes you feel safe.
I want to be the one you run to,
The one that makes you feel at ease when you're overwhelmed.
I want to be the one you dream of,
The one that makes you want to live.

You touch my heart like no one else can
I've loved you since the first time we met.
What must I do to make you mine?
What must I do to win you're heart?
Do you not hear the song that sings of our fate?

Though living without you is unbearable,
I cannot bring myself to end my life.
For I cannot possible think of anything worse,
Then dying without ever knowing your kiss.

Cries of the Forgotten

Do the dead hear the pleas of the living?
Do the Gods remember we're here?
Is eternity really forgiving?
Or will our souls be drownded by tears?

I yearn to be free of this vessel,
Beyond the realms of form and time,
In the Universe's bosom eternally nestled,
Away from this stifling clime.

For the love here on earth can't sustain me.
Doesn't anyone know how how to be free?
And everyone always seems to distain me.
Nirvana's where I'm longing to be.

The heart always aches for the thing that it lacks.
It screams silently in longing and pain.
Like the scream of a tree at the blow of an axe.
Aren't all of these desires in vain?

No love can compare to the one I expect,
I'm only bound to be let down.
The truth is there's no such thing as perfect,
In heaven or here on the ground.

Waking Dream

She slowly turns the knob on the large wooden door,
Pulling it open she walks inside.
The room is dark except for several lit candles.
The air is thick with incense
She stops and looks around the room.
Shadows dance on the walls.
They seem to ripple as if they are made of cloth and not wood.
She sees figures in the corners of the room
Shadows like, visible but not really there.
There is a strange chanting in the background,
Barely audible, almost like a hum.
In a language long forgotten,
She loks toward the center of the room as she feels his stare.
Those cat-like green eyes piercing her soul.
He calls to her without saying a word,
She walks to the foot of the large bed he is sitting on,
He opens her robe,
Giving herself to him,
He takes her into his arms,
And kisses her deeply.
Lying her in the center of the bed,
He caresses her face as he kisses her gently,
Kissing her forehead, her eyelids, and her soft lips.
Biting her neck,
Kissing her stomach and breasts,
She lays there moaning
Quivering under his burning touch.
Overcome with desire,
She sighs as he enters her,
Filling the emptiness in her soul.
They lay there for hours making love,
Tangled in the sheets and each others arms,
Cumming together the room explodes in a brilliant white light.

Love On a Summer Day

Holding hands as we walk along a clear stream
The sunlight radiating off of her face
Her lovely hair flowing in the wind
The scent of flowers fills the air
Feel her pulse quicken as I put my arm around her
Pull her to me
Feel her melting in my arms
Stare into her hypnotizing eyes
Gently stroke her hair and gaze upon her unsurpassable beauty
Caress her face and kiss the tears of joy from her eyes
Push back her hair as I kiss and bite her neck
Lift her face and kiss her soft full lips
Whisper words of love and devotion in her ear
Feel her give herself to me
Both in body and soul
Feel her heart flutter in her chest
As our bodies are pressed together in an embrace
Lift her delicate body into my arms
Lying her down on the soft grass and flowers
Making love to her, our bodies joined, our souls united
Passion, like a raging fire consumes us
Reaching the heights of ecstasy
Laying there, her head on my shoulder
Holding her close
Drifting off into unconsciousness with my love in my arms.

All selections by Sam Safran, copywrite 1998-2001

Assorted Old Poetry